Southwest and Central Michigan Waters

Lakes range from 150 to just over 1000 acres. Good populations exist in all of these lakes with true trophy potential in a few of them. Fishing in this area includes but is not limited to: Austin Lake, Bankson Lake, Campau Lake, Lake Ovid, Murray Lake and Thornapple Lake.

Northern Michigan Waters

The waters in this area include Lake Margrethe and the lakes of the upper and lower Antrim Chain.

Lake Margrethe, near Grayling, is just under 2000 acres with a good population  of muskies just now

reaching their ultimate size. The lakes that comprise the upper Antrim chain, between Bellaire and

Ellsworth, have good numbers of muskellunge despite relying completely on natural reproduction.

Other than Intermediate Lake, the lakes in the upper chain are small ranging in size

from 60 to 400 acres. 

The lakes of the lower Antrim chain are much larger ranging from just over

400 acres to nearly 19,000. These waters are very low density, but what 

they lack in numbers of fish, they make up for in trophy potential.

The lakes of the lower chain are unrivaled anywhere in Michigan

and have proven to produce world class

muskellunge. If you just want to 

catch a muskie, the lower Antrim chain 

probably isn't for you.

The Waters I Fish