Customize Your Trip

​I can't make the fish bite or guarantee you will catch a muskie but I will do everything in

my power to make sure your day on the water meets your expectations. I want you to be

happy with your trip even if the fish didn’t cooperate and the weather was bad. After

more than 30 years of muskie fishing the only thing I know for sure is that I don’t know

it all. I see each day on the water as an opportunity to learn a little more about muskies

and their behavior. 

Whether you prefer to cast or troll or a combination, we'll customize your trip

to the method you prefer. If you want to learn about tackle, lures, techniques or

learn everything you can about fishing a specific water we'll

work together to make your trip a learning

experience. If you really just want to catch a muskie or 

spend a day trying to catch the biggest fish

in the lake I'll do my best to put you

in position to make that happen.

Does the Guide Fish?

​I'm in the boat to provide instruction and not

to catch fish, I will only fish if you want me to fish. During 1 on 1  guide trips I will ask you if you want me to fish, sometimes two lures in the water will help us to figure out a pattern. You may also want another lure in the water to increase your chance to catch a muskie, my rod is your rod whether

casting or trolling and I will hand you the rod if I hook a fish.

About Your Trip

What is Provided

  • Fully rigged boat and all safety gear

  • Rods, reels and more lures than we could use in three days​

  • More than 40 years angling experience

What You'll Need

  • Food and Drinks (no alcohol)

  • ​Polarized glasses, seasonally appropriate clothing and sunscreen

  • ​Michigan Fishing License

  • Camera

  • Positive attitude